I have been thinking of this all weekend, the main question, and the discussion that followed on Facebook to this question… which I found, really stuck with me.  Two gentlemen argued basically about…   Are we brought down to Bin Laden’s level because we cheer at his demise when he rejoiced during our time of great loss in 2001?  They also both attack each others values and ideals. 

It was easy for me to pick a side.  I guess when someone insinuates that it is easy to believe in humanity having the ability to rise above  hatred and that people who believe in peace are ignorant, it really gets me…

I think the point that we all, as humans, miss is that “violence is never the answer….” However, we have what we have in the media, so much violence in our movies and in TV, that I am sadly not surprised that his death is listed under “Entertainment.” What else might we expect? Entertainment and violence are insanely synonymous in our culture… Someone is chasing you down the street?  Oh! Don’t worry! Just throw a grenade, run over 5 bicyclists and the woman with the baby and the puppy and every one will cheer and throw money at the sequel.  However, that does not justify the media’s portrayal of these events.  Saying that, I do understand our cultures need to hide tragedy behind comedy at times, but I think that most would agree with me that this is not the same.

Onward and always, we should keep holding ourselves to higher standards, and I am given hope by all who do… and I am given hope the longer that I hold myself to higher standards as well.

Hope, in any world (whether it exists for one the same way as it does for someone else), is not ignorance. Hope keeps us going, we survive and we look to the future. ‘The Beatles’ mantras of peace and love will always be in my heart, and I refuse to agree that I am ignorant because I believe in and want peace for humankind. It is never comforting to see us fighting, it is never comforting to watch or hear of another be starved and abused. Indeed, many things about our evolution as humans are not comforting, yet they all exist.  The discomfort is alarming.  I am quite aware of the “Nightmares,” but at the same time, I am quite aware that believing in hope and helping each other to be our best also exist in the world.  Helping each other to rise above hate and judgment exist in the world.  There are people who do their very best to support those who are suffering in this world.  Fact, these missions are not comfortable.

The rift is always so wide between our political agendas, values, religions and countries.  I believe that this is all a waste of energy.  For the majority, we want to help, we want to protect our families and friends, and we want them to have food and shelter and to live long lives filled with love.  I feel compassion for those who are so far from seeing our similarities that they only hang onto our discord.  I wish a life and love to their families and friends, and I want to hope and I want to believe in mankind, and when I get disenchanted— and non-religious me— I do pray that I will always come back to remembering that we all deserve to live and dream peacefully.  And I wish this for the next man as well…

Back to center point… Whatever the state of our union, it does boil down to the point my friend made…. that it is heartbreaking  that any war is sharing the same spot on the news as Sheen.