I have spent the last two nights writing, rewriting and selecting and composing for a new collection competition, a short one… 20 pages… AND selecting 3 poems to submit to a different magazine.  My fingers are freezing!  I need to unravel and add structure to what I have done and well, I should perhaps call it something…   And I am very interested on what you might think I should call it…

Bleeder, No Bleeding…  ha!

Deep Breath of Wind

A Great Rush of Blood

She Runs Desire

I Put My Sorrow on the Spin

We Saw Our Hands Touch

Tan, Scatched, Scared, but Still Alive

Breathe in my direction

Vandalizing My Unholy Form…eh

I think that is the end of my brainstorm for now… I forgot to mention that I have to post this in the mail….  tomorrow.  Yes, the life of the procrastinator is one I am very familiar with 🙂