It is June, and I have started the month off in my bed watching endless episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and blowing my nose through the longest sinus headache of my adult life.   With bouts of coughing in between, my body feels stiff and my muscles are cold.  Today the sun is beckoning me outside but it is just too bright. 

Yes, yes, I am whining.  I am whining because I want to be out there living instead of in here resting, but I know I am doing the right thing.  I believe Onus B. Johnson is playing in Thorpe Park at 4 today.  A hike with Jeff in Sedona would be equally as nice…. I am whining because I dreamt of cleaning and doing laundry all night long, and I think that tells me it REALLY needs to be done.  My current condition equates to  no hiking and no housekeeping energy.  Except, I have mostly kept up on the dishes.  Mostly. 

My appetite is totally insatiable.  I want a stiff drink so I can relax and 50% of the population says a good shot of whiskey is great, great for a cold.  I have never ever believed this wisdom.  Out of everything my dad has taught me, I still cannot help but also hold onto his old wives tales of “don’t go out with a wet head” and “don’t eat dairy or sugar or drink beer when you have a cold”  (you’ll get more spilkis in your genectagozoint–  P.S. sorry SNL.  I know I spelled that wrong).  

I do have a memory of making a hot toddy during a past illness and now I can not remember at all if it helped.  But I figure, hell, I have had this cold for 5 days now… it could not hurt.  I think about what kind of booze I may be keeping in the cupboard.  I have a 30+ year old bottle of Mezcal, unopened, sealed, two-inch worm inside complete with a bag of salt under the seal.  A friend of mine saved it from a bar in a  house that was being remodeled and she gifted it to me.  I look at its old label and see that some evaporation has occurred of the liquid inside.  With the worm and the potential that I would keep drinking once I open it, (not because I have no control, but with something that old, I would worry it would spoil, and I would not want to waste such a neat thing).  Anyway, I am sure that is not going to get rid of my cold. 

Looking further I find two half empty bottles of tequila that are several years old, since it is not at all my favorite, and I rarely buy the stuff to make margaritas.  Then, there is just a tiny bit of vodka in the fridge, but vodka ONLY goes good with grapefruit juice, which I am not in possession of today.  There are several bottles of very cheap wine that I use for cooking.   A very cheap bottle of gin that can function as mouth wash, or an addition to other “end-of-the-world I need alcohol” emergencies.  There is a bottle of Creme de Cacao, which I bought for $3 from a sale cart at Albertson’s (it is totally gross).  So, I guess there is no whiskey.  Whiskey goes good with everything.  Somehow, I was really, really hoping I would turn up a bottle of whiskey on this search… but alas, it is back to my witchy herbs and Day Quil.   Plus, I may venture out to lay in the sun awhile… the sun and its healing powers… awe… but then I think about Izzy and her Melanoma, and those patches of skin cancer on the faces of those I love.  And I remind myself that I really need the sunscreen first, where is that sunscreen…?