There are incredible volcanoes erupting on the planet.  There are tornadoes and there are tsunamis.  Nature unleashes energy again and again.  

I have a few tangents:

Thank you to my dearest J. Allen.   You are (in addition to everything wonderful) the musical guide of my life.  I can’t believe you exist!  Well, I am using to your alias, so in this case…  do you exist?  ; )   Okay, back on track, thank you for showing me Sigur Rós.  They are totally amazing.  Jónsi’s voice.  Holy cow.  I am in love; and friends, you should listen to the band and fall in love too, and then we can all go to Iceland.  I know, I know, volcanoes… but hey… have you seen the lightning storms that come along with the explosion?  Very, very impressive.   Whatever, our plan is to go regardless of natural disaster.

I am still an X Men fan, I loved the new movie.  I love James McAvoy (I did have to look up his name), but he is really cute.  And it even stars Kevin Bacon, doing a good job as a villain.  Neat.  I like how the movie really centered around the development and control of their mutant powers.  It is fun when everything is not just “shoot ‘em up.”  Although there was plenty of that too.

I will choose to believe in the best in the people I know.  I will continue to see the good in even those I do not know well.  I aspire to “be impeccable with my word.”  No matter what I hear, I want to be equal and fair and Switzerland…  I definitely want to be Switzerland.

I am listening to Anne Lamott speak about writing.  She is insightful about inspirations.  She talks about “vague and big” and I totally get it, I get how hard “vague and big” really is.  I like specific.  She talks about writing with a specific word goal in mind everyday, and I like what she is trying to get out of her students by doing this… progress.  Just sitting, just getting it out.  Her level of losing track of what she is saying does so closely remind me of myself… I must admit that.   Also, I think she is funny.   I have bird by bird on my pile.

I am moving.  I cannot seem to pack.  But since I am literally going 10 miles, it should be fine, right?  Who needs to pack for just ten miles?  Or so.  I am excited, but I don’t like to pack.  I am going “home” this time.  It is a funny thing to say.  So many folks leave their hometowns and they go “home for the holidays.”  But I have been in this city… so moving “home” for me does not really carry the same meaning.   Something to ponder.   I still feel like it is home, in this odd way that makes me remember Christmas and Nintendo and Corey with her French Horn, like a pied piper walking with all the dogs and cats following her and Gina with a hula hoop and my parents watching SNL and Josh with the little cat and the fireplace and Erin photographing our hands and Sara doing makeup on the trampoline and Jen singing a Four Non-Blondes song and Bruno.  Our lovely dog who was Bruno .  My lost orange cat, Bubba.  Today’s cats will be happy in this place.  Space.  Space.  Space.

Okay, it really is time to pack again.