It has been awhile, and I am ready to blog again.  The move went amazingly smooth due to the wonderful help of friends and family.  Since the move, I have traveled a little too, and now I am back to really settle into my new (old) home. 

And now I am back to write.  The computer got a little testy with the move, but we seem to be soaring now.  The internet is on again for the first time since June 24th.  I missed it, but I didn’t.  I missed my computer though, the music and all of the pictures.  I missed Microsoft Word.

I am off to do some chores for awhile and then to my first talk therapy appointment in several weeks.  I am musing over the issue of trust today… how the lack of trust can heighten our desire to have control and be critical.  I am musing over people telling me how and how much to love and when.  I am musing over the steam mop and the house at the edge of the woods.

Wondering how much it will rain today, and if I am totally just emotional… or if the thunder tears are actually related to the tornado experience.

best to all of you.  and thank you, welcome back.