Statement: Pain is always measured and variable. Conclusion: comfort and peace must then be constant must be inestimable. But what about pain makes us want to measure it? Do we measure our emotional pain the same way we measure our physical pain? Should we? And when can we justify measuring our own pain against the pain suffered by others? In such cases does not pain also become inestimable? Become universal in any form? Does suffering not often unite? I wonder…when must i own my own pain? When am i a victim and when might i see that on some level, i was present, that on some level I allowed some pains in life to happen and therein I can take the responsibility to let it go? At which point freedom may have a whole different meaning. Letting go can enable a heart to open and acceptance to become incorporated in current daily living. And perhaps an acceptance that pain is not really variable at all. Statement: pain and fear are real. Conclusion: living life one day at a time while seeking comfort and peace is utterly amazing.