It is Thanksgiving.

The sun begins to shine into this room, a new room,
where my family has begun building memories.
The light diffused into the curtains,
I still have stars in my eyes.

It is time to cream and smash and boil.
It is time to hug, to share and to laugh.

I journey out of bed, thankful in slippered feet.
Smelling and seeking coffee.
The yard stretches past the porch and my view of the barn begins to focus.
The dog lets me know he is here.

It is time to roll, stir and simmer.
It is time to hold still, to smile and to listen.

There are voices; music begins, interspersed with
the dogs pleas for everything.
We have begun our dance and all will soon be ready.
Smells thicken into short moments when we’re not quite our best.
There are many hands and it all comes together.

It is time for Thanksgiving.
And in the round, we speak our tradition of sharing thanks.
It is time to taste, to hum and to finally…return to the kitchen.