Some say that it is not the destination, but the journey… I have more.

In blackness we walk, clouds that never burst
But always swell, are the only sky. Surround us.
Corners are turned, unleashing the creatures that don’t exist.
Streets are navigated; under no uncertain terms will I be lost.

I can see in the dark.

The energy of my beating heart collapses any rain cloud.
I stand beneath that torrent like I did once, trying to feel
Like someone else, or maybe, just feel more as myself.
For several hours—one with the grayness and the darkness.

I can see through the storm.

Rivers run just a few steps before me.
I can take the bank or I can swim right through.
Limitless opportunities lie ahead, even if lost to the current.
Swept up on an island, Antarctica, or on the back of a whale to Atlantis.

I can swim for miles, I can hold my breath.

It is true that on the mountain ledge I may stand in awe.
I respect the dangers of falling, respect the rocks.
The wind is heard in the trees, boughs break, accidents or physics.
The way down is painful, there are thorns, thirst and despair.

I won’t hit the ground, I can fly.

There is the future, alight like eyes flickering on the beach.
Fire dances and we are stronger than our fears when we are joined.
We can soak up each raindrop, open our arms to swim, dive or fly, navigate to safety.

The journey is ours.