I have found a new love.  Actually, I found two.

First was a friend’s book I read this week.  She is amazing and here is to wide-spread publication and a spot on the best sellers list as one day this wonderful adventure shall land in the hands of her dream editor….

The second…

Celestial Seasoning’s Black Cherry Berry paired with Lindt’s 70% Cocoa…. Smooth Dark Chocolate with this Cherry Tea will have you sitting back and saying hmmm… this is almost better than wine and chocolate.  And… that is what I said…

“Almost better” is not a phrase I particularly care for.  It is like the phrase “no problem.”  That saying only sounds good if you have a wonderful or even slightly nice accent.  I prefer “my pleasure” or a simple “you are welcome” is perfect.

Back to the Cherry Tea and Chocolate.  It is just as good as wine and chocolate paired.  Now, some folks that don’t drink red wine and are chocolate lovers might be incredibly pleased to try this combo if they haven’t already.   In addition, some of us wine drinkers might find tea more economical, or just more suited for a particular evening.  I think that I have consumed enough red wine in my life to declare that this combo easily compares.

So, I say unto you…. go out and give your taste buds a little bit of happiness tonight!