Over a month ago, yes a month, Francina Hartstra was nominated for and in turn presented to me, among others, the Sisterhood Award.

This is the second nomination that I received on Word Press and I sheepishly admit that the first one came when I was very new to the community and I fear, then and now, that I did not act quite appropriately.  I do aim to make amends.

Since I was not very active on my blog this September, I would like to, with no further delay, send my appreciation to Francina Hartstra for reading my blog and for supporting me.  I encourage you to read and view her blog:

Seasons Poetry

I have  found greatness in her writing and enjoy her beautiful photography.


The Sisterhood Award requests two other actions of the nominees.  The first is to share seven things.   The second is to nominate other bloggers that I enjoy following.

Seven things about me: 
One: I want to spread my wings and find new inspiration living in a new city, a bigger city, a quite urban place.  I look forward to someday sharing this adventure with Jeffrey, the love of my life.  In rain or shine (literally).
I want to go back to school but I don’t know if I should pursue my second degree in the sciences or aim for that elusive MFA in Creative Writing.
I miss my friend Josh every day.
I don’t have television programming, like cable or satellite, but I do have Net Flix and I like Grey’s Anatomy, Ghost Whisperer, the X Files, The BBC Sherlock and Bones. And Buffy and yes, Charmed.
I just read Sylvia Plath’s “The Bell Jar” and purchased the first version of her journals.  I can’t pick up the journal yet.  3/4 of the way through the veiled autobiography I was incredibly interested in developing a thesis and correlating my experiences with Plath’s but by the end of “The Bell Jar” I saw instead that I wasn’t ready.  But what I do maintain is that talk therapy and unconditional love and encouragement are amazing.  No matter what I am ready to do, or not do, I have learned it is good to write about how miss Sylvia’s work resonates with me.  The struggle for just feeling self-preservation is a sister-hood in itself.
I am fascinated by the black plague but find that other diseases like the Ebola virus or Malaria give me the chills.  
And Seven: I am really very surprised and happy to be writing this post.  It means so very much to me to be recognized by such a talented woman.  And it also very exciting that Francina is in the Netherlands… oceans away and yet Word Press, the internet, can bring us together. 

The second part is to nominate others for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award:  (And yes! Some of you have already received nominations for this award.  However, since the enjoyment of reading and viewing your blog continues to spread on the internet, please accept this as a thank you for your ongoing contributions to art and to my happy reading.)

Ruminations on Love & Lunchmeat 

Bridget Ehemann



Marie Marshall

Aurora Morealist 

Jane Thorne

A Journal of Sorts

Coco J. Ginger Says



Thank you to all bloggers that I read day to day, for your creativity and inspirations.

Thank you so much to my readers, for each of your comments and support.

Kind regards,

B Elizabeth NS