All of Falls’ breaths are a message
Hair tangled in her fingers
Leaves rushing at legs
Her pressure against my back
Caressing each step forward

I call out to that wildness
That divides summer and winter
She whistles back through the panes
Weaving a crown from golden
Grass strands and ivy

Leaves crumple at my light touch
Placing it on her head,
The Fall Queen visits my dreams
Sings of heart glass catching her light
Waiting quietly to bottle her light forever

Blue meets me and I am the sky
Hours can take my eyes nowhere else
Just silent in submission to its hue
She completes a day with grandeur
An inside-out cold and warm comfort

Sitting with her woven crown
She whistles through the panes
Her story on the air of love and harvest
Trees bow and begin to bare
The Fall Queen raises her head