Today–with the chill in my bones for so many nights, the cats and I conspired that it was time to light the first fire of the season. As practiced as I may have been at gathering firewood in youth, I forgot to bind my hands from splinters. After escaping the splinters, two quite large Black Widows and one quite little Daddy Long Leg, I brought the wood down to the house, wheel barrow stacked full. I hand delivered a few pieces to the hearth. As they skittered under my feet, I think the cats anticipated all the warmth ahead.
Autumn Fire
October and eight days till All Hallows Eve
My eyes are on golden warmth
fingers in fur, I grieve a little for summer
There will be more days like this ahead
to light a match for them and celebrate
the young licking flames at their birth
Yes, I am looking for her on the horizon
with her frosted skin and eyes of blue
but take your time Ice Queen–
it is yet Fall.