Blank apparition
Showing no color, no happiness
No anger, no fire
No empathy, no allegiance
No order

Caught in landfills intended
For others leftovers and wastes
Precious words
Precious sounds
Precious minutes
Precious hands cradling yours

They all float in the air
Above each head as all the steps
We take are clattering heels
On grey pavement
With no other sign
No scuff marks
No molded tire tracks
No chalk hands
No leaves

A mark of what we let go of
And what we keep
Fall into the arms of sleep and wish
That life weren’t so fragile
So momentary
Pray, count blessings by the handful
Blessed life
Life looking for hope
Life seeking the answer
Life looking for safety, shelter
And mercy.

Awaken, tears crusted in the corners
Knowing that we are closer to mortality
Then yesterday.
Everything reminds us.
The clock
The news
The mistakes
The invader
Body sleeps well.
Solid with mind and soul

Never look away.