A spot light on our hearts
Illuminates the chambers
The fourth from the first
And each blood vessel flows

Liquid red

A million red blood cells
Or a million white
You changed my life
I called you everyday and I
Never minded when you were out
About doing

And it never occurred to me
That your heart would stop beating

It did

Lives changed. Everything was altered
Sun flowers grew towards the north
And creeks flowed up hill
That was it.
It just was.
Rain drops defied gravity
And frogs fell from the sky

Death and life
And death
Lives will change

You taught me to drive in the snow.
It is almost Christmas again
The last year of the Mayan calendar
It could be a new age, could all end.
I know thinking about you is not
My way of life, alone
I know I share this with many others

You’d have fought
As she does
I hope All would have listened
I know we would have rallied