IMG_1345A friend wrote this week of his feelings regarding holiday music and the post inspired me to share a holiday album with you and with him…

Sarah McLachlan’s Wintersong (2006) breaks my heart as my jaw grows colder and colder.  She covers Joni Mitchell’s ‘River’ and the tracks 4 (Wintersong) and 10 (Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas) make me cry every time. So there is my perfect jaw tingling heart wrenching holiday album. Minus all the other secular standards on the album, this is my holiday go to. Yes, I listen to these songs on repeat.  Gratefully, completely.   I also love War is Over, the first track on the album, for its honesty and the sentiment of its time being so close to the sentiment of this time.  It is totally depressing if I think about it too hard.  Okay. Well we know that is happening.

But my favorite musical thing this holiday? Watching amazing musicians (from the old and gone to the very very young) play piano and crazy huge things like the bass sax and contrabass clarinet on YouTube with my family.   We introduced each other to artists we have fallen in love with and others who have inspired and awed us.  We listened to artists that we feel keep improving their craft.  Who love to create music.  No Christmas tunes during that time.  We just enjoyed the music and the discovery.  The innovation.

Tonight, I will be checking out the playlist my friend posted.  I am looking forward to hearing what has inspired him this winter season.

I do have to return to Wintersong to bring you this year’s winner. Responsible for a bucket full of tears is a lyric from the classic Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas:

“Through the years we all will be together… If the fates allow…”

Love and wishes for your health,

B Elizabeth NS