One brown flap closes over the last
If it could talk it would say
“Don’t make me too heavy

And don’t be afraid of
falling head first down the
stairs in the dark”

The next edges of the next brown flap
Come together–meet with more edges
They share a space, but not forever

When they open up again
Everything will have new sunlight.
If they could talk, they would say

“Don’t forget to share
Be kind and respectful and sweet.
Cherish all your time here

Enjoy every memory, every moment
Of this love, for your ashes will one day
Be earth and feed the trees

And the trees will one day be
Brown flaps closing one by one
Over some sweet someone’s treasures.”

And lifting this one last remaining box
Taped and closed and if it could talk
It would sing. Sing wildly, “go live fly

Never stop.”