It wasn’t long ago
The moon hit the sky
Brilliant black
Became fused light
On the Trail of the Ancients
And that is where
I first dined on rat
Ravished, those early bites
Made no difference
Settled like hard rocks
In my stomach of
Brilliant black
Traded for moonshine
Anything I had left
And everything I found on the
Trail of the Ancients
A little lonely witch that brewed
And ruled the whole mile
Under the North Star
Would only take pennies
Flattened by the train
We kept company in the
Brilliant black of her cave
That soon became my
padded little room
Sans the rodent dinners
Of my listless days
On the Trail of the Ancients.

Inspiration? create fiction from:
“Crazy? I was crazy once. They put me Ina rubber room. A rubber room with rats. Rats drive me crazy. Crazy? I was crazy once…”