Darkness falls on Twelfth
Closer to the streetlight
and illumination becomes the enemy
Heel, toe. Heel, toe.

Block out the music beating off time
From the cadence of your footfalls
Each deliberate movement
Is a life or stake on honor.

Heel, toe. Heel, toe.
Black over the eyes, ankles and hands
Black over distraction and romance
Kneel to the one designer, the guider.

Ever, with this one knee bent
Heel, toe. Strike, hide and seek
Meaning in the obvious or shrouded
Meaning in the disciplined and the way

The way is quiet. Heel, toe.
Strength. Energy. Tradition.
From your sleeping head–a pillow
And from your resting hand–a sword

Seeing all under this cover of darkness
Secrets return to powerful ears
Darkness falls on Twelfth
Walking over water, infiltrating life.