Coming soon to your eyes
To your ears and the roar in your mind.
Could it take your breathe away
Like love, mountains, a raptor in the sky?
Could it steal your gaze from such
A lover? And for how much time…?
Will the edge of the water take
Your hand like a mysterious god
And show you the plans?
Clear blue epiphanies splatting in
From the cold air ghosts off the side?

Coming soon to your lens
To your whimsical angles and pens.
Will it freeze mid frame for the sun
Let the aperture adjust for an outta park
Moment of delight and lust during dusk?
Could you possibly capture the fall
Of the water, the spray off the wind
Like the memory of falling in love?
Is it timed and on auto or manual focus
Can you blur out the background, get
Canada in it, capture ions and foam on his nose?

Coming soon to your heart
With incredible beauty
Romantic and melancholy
Titanic and notorious, bending and
Raging, freight train intensity
Blow your hat of your head and
Chill you through till you freeze a bit
Demonstrate what a landscape is
Etch onto the back of my eyelids. Oh!
Can I please come back again
And drink straight from Niagara Falls?