Drying my eyes today
Caught in the feverish tug between
Sensitivity and truth.
There are no smiles this way

Your head turns toward the north
Toward beautiful mountain tops
Snow covered with another layer
Of disapproval

Winning a kind word is not the same
As having your obligatory love
As having another day where
We could sit together as true friends


A special thank you goes out to Sahm King, who recently included me as a reference to his heartfelt article about poets and artists changing the world.  His article On Poets and Action: the Voice of the People  and the writers of the blogs that he referenced in this post are inspirational and have caught my fascination.

“Do we have a power that we are sitting on, untapped, unused, and stagnating while we pine over our own woes and fears while so many suffer around us?  Or is it a lofty thing, a high ideal, this wishing to save the world from?  Can poetry save the world?  Would any listen?  Is saving the world even realistic?”  –  Sahm King.