On Saturday, April  27th, I was referenced in a list of related articles on We Drink Because We’re Poets.  Written by Sahm King,  the post On Poets and Action: the Voice of the People is a philosophical and inspirational approach to poets and activism.

I feel that artists, poets, writers, do have a power to change things.

I am thankful for the reference, and also for the clarity of mind that co-writer of the blog, Sahm King’s post and subsequent comments helped bring me.

Writer Bastet’s comments on the article were shared from the heart and I appreciate her candor.  The author shared: “I also think that writers, poets, musicians, artists and historian etc.are witnesses…and should avoid moralism and preaching, a trap into which many have fallen.”

This statement hit close to home, helping me to bring the “activism” in King’s article full circle.  “Yes, I agree, but what is it that I can DO?”

Not too long ago, I was incredibly hurt and haunted by a fictional book I had read that promoted violence against women.  I was so so mad and heart broken by the publishers, editors and the author of this book.  It affected me physically.  Writing about it helped, but it came out unorganized and rendered only with passion.  After having my partner look over it (honestly confirming my suspicions about it’s lack of cohesiveness and dragging of parties through the mud) I decided not to post my three plus page rant.

Now with a clear head, and with the dreams no longer haunting me, I feel that the article might succeed into what we as artists wish to do so often….help protect our humanity and “act against the justices that corrupt the very balance of our world.”  (Sahm King)

It has been inspirational to read each of King’s chosen articles related to On Poets and Action: the Voice of the People Each of the writer’s are engaged, clear and forward thinking.  I feel honored to be among these fellow poets and writers.

I look forward to the future, where sharing and being active are more prevalent parts of my life as a writer.

In kindness,

Brandy Elizabeth NS