Toronto, Ontario.  brandy elizabeth ns
Toronto, Ontario: brandy elizabeth nemeth-shorten

Your face flooding the night sky
The Ghost of my past reaching
The years you wrote are wasting by

Shadows find your hands and thighs
Darkness wanders closer, leeching
Your face from each night sky

That you could be so young to die
Tears and laughter that were ours, breaching
The years you wrote are wasting by

In all your theories I could fly
Faded diagrams of your love and teaching
Your face flooding that clear sky

Translucent, hard to touch, we cry
Each precious day we’re both beseeching
The years you wrote will not waste by

Spirit of my loved one, rise
That my ears won’t hear the screeching
Your face has flooded the night sky
And the years you wrote have passed us by

Today's Word Press Daily Prompt honours National Poetry Writing Month and suggested we try our hand at verse: