Cricket, you’ve crawled out of your den
Suddenly you are back-up
The sound of falling
Rushing and sacred water has
Stolen your spotlight.

Cricket, I bid you a happy afterlife
The cats get you, pull off a leg
And return your half-chirping
Antennae broken body beneath
The rug as a late night snack

Cricket, I will give you the warriors
I will wrap you in a shroud, balance
You on a small oak leaf and aim
The vessel downstream until sight
Of you is far and lost.

Cricket, hear your brethren singing
Creating a eulogy, your precious life–
Worth more than feline entertainment
We can’t allow, can’t over look
the crickets, cows, the glow worms.
Precious, hollow parts of the earth’s core
Beat out the drum for your death
The temporary river to Elysium,
One audience with the gods.

Sing, Cricket
Once your soul has risen
Don’t wait for your new life to begin
The temporary river will steal
Your voice.