Like every year, i see your reflection in ponds and windows
we greet each other over the loss of friends and 
the rhythm of rain drops on a faraway world.
When i live closer to the ocean and the air
is not so thin
will you greet me the same way?
With tea and promises of home cooked chile?
With pie and promises of spiced cider?
Will you greet me with your sun blinking
and your sky so blue the sensitive all shed a tear?
Will I continue to greet you with my brown skirt,
decorated leaf shirt, year after year?
When the latitudes beneath my feet change
and the days grow ever short
Will I greet you with more tears?
Can I remember to visit new haunts 
and let go of the haunted places of the past?
Discover new ghosts and accept that
the others keep floating?
Dear Autumn, 
As everything and nothing align to create you
Stars and leaves
and the movement of the earth about the sun
Coming to age with you caught in my throat 
Your beauty and bounty is
Harvesting human emotion with the corn
under the moon.
We celebrate births with the deaths
and collect each tear shed 
Metaphorical goblets fill!
Drink this cup of tears with me Autumn,
Let’s toast to your magnificent colors and let’s toast
to journeys and progress.
Let’s toast to peace…
Let’s toast to the Spring in the south
and the cycles that spin
And everyday before Winter arrives
Let’s toast to raw emotion
Let’s toast to nature.