Music is synergy, vibration, rhythm, feeling, composition, math, emotion, movement, wonder, brilliance… Time can stand still when you hear it, time can speed up, take us into the past and show us the world.
I can’t speak for anyone but myself for music. Listening and creating is a different experience for each individual. Tonight I sit in a little bar with a little stage where a little blond man’s voice is amplified to fill every niche of my ear canals and my chest.
Music is life for very many and my lover is one individual that is closely connected with listening and creating music. In the last week his band released their album: it is called Santa Nella and I invite you all to download a free copy of it–
Please enjoy this music that touches my soul and plays in my mind, that coaxes me into a dance or a tap of my foot. Please join me and listen. I believe you will be glad you did.


Art by J. Alan Bell