The changing of clothes
To prepare for anything
The world can throw at you.
Remembering the way she fell
Out if her dress and into the stars
Just like that she grabbed onto Orion’s
Belt and rode that pan-dimensional surfboard away–
She felt tricked when she bought it
It wasn’t one of those money backed
Guarantees that she saw every night
Over two decades past,
One gemstone at a time on QVC or equivalent–
It was better, hot off their hands
Stolen from the last queen of everything Indigo
And then bartered across the waterways
Until it reached her gleaming eyes.

You never expected it.
The way she blossomed wildly
Overcoming the hillside and choking out the tunnels formed by
Hazel bushes, the tractor
Bought with blood money.

She just wanted to spend it all.
To try to explain what it was like in
Her heart. No. It was eating stones,
The heat lifted in the night where
She opened that book and fell
Out of her skeleton window and
Into the stars.