I believe blogs are definitions: Ours. Facebook, Twitter and Etsy are definitions as well. These outlets (creative or mundane) attempt to define us as closely as they can. But how does that make us feel? I mean, deep down, really feel?

Am I okay being defined here as an average poet? On Facebook as adventurous–perhaps, silly– into science, poetry and landscapes?
How does this really define me? If you know me well, you might giggle at my ever present randomness, know that I am a bit awkward, repeat myself and speak quietly but excite easily and draw into high pitched tones. But without personal contact and relationship building, personality is completely lost in these mediums. We can shape them to reflect any small or large part of ourselves that we like the most, that we are the most comfortable with sharing–yet we, myself included–spend uncountable hours on our devices perusing profiles and posting status updates. What did we do before this?

Wrote more, did more crafts, took more walks?

This isn’t new, I am just joining a movement with everyone else who has recently been thinking of cutting back their device time to work on projects or take a friend out… Or join a local writing or rowing club… Or to just be present and talk to a stranger… Let’s do it with a warm spirit in our hearts and a check in to Facebook etc maybe twice a week instead of twice a day … I don’t believe that the devices/social networks are evil and I appreciate keeping in contact with my loved ones, I simply want to send more postcards and eat more food together.

I am not interested in straying away from literary endeavors on my blog, so please don’t get bored–but I want to take a moment to reflect on what I wanted my blog to be when I first started it….

1,121 days ago:

I am reaching into myself tonight.  It is a whole new beginning, a whole new year filled with trepidation and excitement.  This blog will hopefully help me to discover and uncover parts of myself and the world that either were hiding from me, or never existed before with the same definitions that they have grown into.  I’ve recently begun the journey in the skin of a new woman and the world is out there.  The desert and mountain canyons are all calling for me to photograph them, books are asking to be read, and my current journal is close to being filled, a blank one on the dresser top just teasing me… taunting me with all its plastic wrapped pages.  It is here though, with the help of this medium that I hope to organize and control my thoughts, to let them teach me and to control me in turn.  Here is to sharing my thoughts, here is to a new pathway.