They are building a bridge
across the cool, dark current
of the deep Willamette.
When it comes together
it will bare trains,
footfalls, raindrops, stroller wheels

Footfalls and raindrops,
Tilikum, our new bridge,
hails the people filling the trains.
Above the bicycle current–
The Chinook Wawa will drum together,
echo off the banks of the Willamette.

It flows north–the Willamette,
as millions of raindrops
sustain such splendor together.
For our cable-stayed bridge–
rain must be the cool dark currents
that rush beneath the trains.

The newly laid train tracks
Willamette’s names of the past
The current takes us away
fading footfalls and raindrops
This is our bridge
together we build it like a new memory

Sing this chorus together
voices rise on the trains
chants resonating from the bridge
over the river–Willamette
footfalls and raindrops
wash away fears in the current

Peace on the cool, dark current
we’re calm or unnerved together
footfalls and raindrops
boarding day-to-day trains.
During life along the Willamette
we take time to count the bridges.

The train becomes a current
Rowing together across the Willamette
From this bridge wrought of footfalls and raindrops