Today I could not walk away without sharing the words from a fellow blogger. The woman behind Gunmetal Geisha has written very eloquently and honestly about being kind. My heart feels so right about the message that she is sharing.
Although I try very hard to be gracious, kind and treat others as I want to be treated on all occasions, I want to impress that it isn’t something I am always great at. Sometimes fears and other issues get in the way and I am left to learn from mistakes that might have hurt others, as unintentional as that always is.
Getting to know what your fears are and to not control things around you, as well as letting go of excuses are three changes of many that can lead to being less anxious and ultimately can have us spending more time on the well end of the mental wellness to unwell scale…. And everyone learning to recognize what personally stops them from being kind can make spreading peace second nature.

However, identifying what we (I) may need to work on within ourselves (myself) complicates the message even if it helps us as well.

Instead, focus on how simple it is to be gracious toward one another. The author states the simpleness and I am with her. We can make this change, as humans, we are very capable.
Please don’t delay and read this potentially mind altering and surely heart altering post. It is relatable and valid in today’s world of frustrating experiences. I walked away with more hope than I have had in sometime: Peace actually is a reality.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. — Mahatma Gandhi