The light persevered
demanding my eyes react
with a great stare,
one that picks apart the prism and says
Emeralds! Success!
Green, green means go!
Go into your tall trees
fall onto your soft leaves
Touch the sun with your
green arrow, be a well
intentioned superhero.

The light was green
but we couldn’t go.
The wheels stood still
waiting for the shadows
of lime tinged monsters
to rise over the hood.
Mostly everyone ducked
yet I couldn’t pull my eyes away
from the prism I’d worked so
hard to inspect
and as another light turned red
this one only dimmed.

Green, green means go.
Hails from envy,
the heart chakra and
old glass found on the beachfront.

I couldn’t take my eyes away.
And against the grayness–
with a final attempt,
I dove in–
not into an ocean,
sea foaming green and white;
not into the pool, mica tile.
I dove in, like a swan,
a crow on the road,
a pirate.
I dove with poise
closing my eyes tight,
green became my eyelids,
center of being.