I’m at a time when 

the music reaches
and tries to wake new places.
It is good to be here,
city that I don’t know.
Buildings that keep going up.
Walking beneath them
I am with you,
we’re just human.
And you’re trying to tell me
the truth
but I can hear nothing over the smell
of the food trucks.
Suddenly all I can think is meat
and bread and cheese and 
maybe noodles or maybe 
steaming Ethiopian tea
with so much honey.
When my senses drift back, 
you’re there again, being
Patient, while I make up stories in my head,
dream of jewel thieves 
and someone crushing my snow globes in an attempt to sway me 
one way, but I could only go my own.
And that way led me to you.
You telling me music and patience–love.
I wake up beside you in 
the city and it’s your smell–
consumes me–
beyond the way that i felt that day
on the sidewalk.