There were three moons
Each followed me down the street
till i bloomed like a cereus
captured my fingertips
holding on tight,
roots in the ground that called to me
an earnest kettle

There were five moons
glowing against each other under the lip
don’t make me cry
just eat your dinner
and leave the neighbor be.
I try to understand you under your
fur and stripes,
keep me battling the Egyptians
but i only wanted you to see it–


The moon
She would not have been too
worried about your position
knowing your feline instincts would
lead to her every shadow.
But i bathed in her and expected more.
The undertones of my life reach out
with cereus roots and command
with grace
that we all sit together and eat.

There is just one moon
but the scratches were the answer
tiny little insubordination pinpricks
formed before everyone knew it was time

I may have multiplied your magnificence
but through glass, am i to blame?
we all scatter under you and wait for your light
to notice us
because we always notice you.

and honestly,
we should.