When she spoke
She spoke love.
Commands so sweet and short
Her companion heard this lullaby
Lifted their large head so that droopy
jowls and bright eyes were seen
through the veil.
Is there always something hidden?
Perhaps not in this voice–
tired, climbed out of a long
stretch of sleep
patient in the 730 calm
Gently tugging her companion along
Our voices marry undertones of compassion,
emotional intelligence
and memories of graveyards– we sit with each other longer,
fill our cups again and again
and reach out–
unravel worlds of inhibitions,
free every part of our soul,
no longer stare listlessly
without turning the page.
Because once, sitting cross legged for hours, we reread our passages again
and again and again
until the dog with the big
head lifted their droopy jowls
once more,
to ask us where
we truly live.