She may be the seated woman
or time may have taken her
into a standing pose
you drew her breasts perfectly
round because you wanted to enjoy
something concrete in this view of
the feminine–
often with softer

When she reached out to him–
she almost spoke–
but then, recoiled.
in a moment of absent trust her hand went to
her mouth and her brain split
into two–
Who was she to tether
a volley back at this man
she hardly knew?

Perhaps you drew her
breasts         like perfect circles because
the rest of her flowed right
through you and your only acceptable memory
was the symmetry of her body.

She felt the ache of her skull
as it splintered–
it wasn’t unfamiliar–   long walks
on the beaches once stopped this pain
but those walks ended
long ago, with
her feet scratched by conch shells and
jelly fish red staining her

Perhaps you drew her breasts
like perfect circles because
when you found her crumpled on the beach
she wore
nothing but a grass skirt and
you painted textures behind her
like the day you found her
lying there, staring at the
sky with nothing to say.

This “Seated Woman” painting by Picasso credit the www… is not the exact painting that inspired the above epistolary to Picasso, but it is very similar and invokes in me similar feelings…. the one that inspired me was in an art book owned by a friend.