two o’clock am

The light is pale gold.
Heart never met this beauty.
My power dies
next to the gods
in gentle surges
never tells me
who I am,
why I stay in the wind.
The moonlight
on the beach
is a thing I never saw.
Tonight my world changed.
Walks I might have taken
into rivers
don’t compare.

Listening is part of saying
your mind is lost
How many poets wrote along
with Keats
and never soared?
They all did.

The air froze me
I looked along the path
and wished
for the moon’s guidance
after all
wasn’t it the ocean
that powered my step?

Either I saw the moon dragging itself to dawn
or I saw the sadness,
a cratered face that could never
hear the chorusing croak
of the
in the damp.

Behind me are lovers
and they take notes
and they are the rain

They come home
the land changes for them,
changes the weather
changes the way
a pen casts a shadow