The life I live
embrace slowly
bareness warmth completeness.

Some years
travel completes us
some years the space defeats us.
I never reach your river bank.
Paddling with both hands turns the boat in circles and paddling with one sends me back toward the Thames
with missing momentum,
the silence I could never embrace
but did.
Because that is silence.
Where am I ?
with countless ages ahead
with nothing I recognize in the stars.
It’s over the moon with you again
and this is just a rant for the times.
We have plenty of those
I’ll kiss yours if you kiss mine.
I make up my own ending and
ride my boat to the end where flower
petals hit the bow.
No one had the answer
to why daisies are rotting faster than roses.
Climbing onto the river bank
many broken trails behind us,
I trim the plants and pretend
not to notice the mold.