Written November 9th, 2016

We have eaten the truth
for what it is worth
Djuna Barnes being forcibly
fed. How can I calm her
now? she looks in on how
far we’ve gotten— I think
of the charcoal pumped cold
into my stomach and she doesn’t
rest until she’s helped us all.
I call her Madame Barnes
for the purpose of this poem.
(wrought with the deprivation
of Madame President) it’s a side
note. I am a side-note.
There’s nothing but everything
ancient and achy
about the moment
I am
a woman today.
It’s madness. I vote she votes
he votes
and we see. We see
women in the light
and the stillness of sun—fighting
to be the goddesses we once
were, with nations beneath
us and giving to Hera just
to be well and knowing that the
earth shook because she
walked. And damn the man,
because the times
have let hundreds of years pass
without exactly knowing
what flipped the switch.
Keep your knees together,
you’re on pelvic restrictions.
I cherish the hearts of
the warriors around me,
we go forth with pens
and make that heart hit
the page with the
force of eager love, heart
break, the ability to
have every day as ours.
In solidarity,
women today
women tomorrow