Hello there fellow poem readers, 

So, it’s like I got out my kaleidoscope tonight and can see the world differently after reading three articles.
The first one is honestly hard to stomach, I got a bit defensive but there are two other articles that expand on the seemingly simplified first article. These are from Psychology Today, written by Greg Henriques, Ph.D.
Anxiety and Depression Are Symptoms, Not Diseasesy

Clarifying the Nature of Anxiety and Depression

The Behavioral Shutdown Theory of Depression

My brain is in total awe thinking of depression this way. It’s odd, but I find myself much more likely to be able to consider/define real causes for how I feel…identify scenarios and possibly recognize how to work towards goals. It is work, but I believe this is a map to draw a real path forward.

I feel more hope about depression than ever before.
Yours, beneath silver-lined clouds (instead of just grey ones),