Labyrinth washing away on the beach.

Dear You,

I have been away from WordPress for awhile focusing on health and life coaching certifications, but I have kept my weekly writing commitment. Also, I have changed. And in the days ahead I will be posting a poem a week either from my group or a new piece. I missed this community. Today I started with a poem I wrote when I turned forty.  I look forward to catching up and reading all your amazing posts…. For the time being, welcome to a transformational account of my health and life coaching journey.

When I drew a labyrinth with a palm-sized stone at the shore in July, I didn’t expect it to be washed away so quickly, but it was gone in under an hour. I was about mid-way through my health coach training and was manifesting significant changes in my career path and my health, losing 8 lbs and recovering from a chronic pain issue, so impermanence was on my mind. It made it easy to watch this design wash away. The ocean has that freeing capability, you know? There’s no judgement there, the waves come in and change every thing, every second.

In November 2018, I turned forty and I finished my Health Coach Certification and it has me reconsidering this theme of impermanence. I am embarking on a career. This career that has the flexibility to change with me and allow me to be available to understand others. Through learning new skills, listening to all of my voices, and in awareness of others will I be able to help facilitate change as it’s desired. I will do this by showing up in the now. 

The 90-day transformation program and wellness reset I went through and learned to be a guide for are two amazing journeys-–combined, they help people make a stand for transformation. 

For the first time in my life, I want to see the next 60 years. I have never wanted anything so badly for my life as I want to be a yogi at age 102. You see, I made it to an age I never thought I would make it to. To turn 40 and to greatly desire even another ten years of life is a transformation I am not going to sell short. I know I will have low points in my future, it’s the eb and flow of humanity, right?

However, there’s something that makes my “now” future different: I love myself. And I’ve made the choice to wake up with this woman I’ve become everyday, and as importantly, I will continue to make that choice and make this pathway clear. I embrace the ocean, and with that I see a new kind of impermanence, it’s the one of stepping back and letting go of what doesn’t serve me, but also knowing that I created a new scalfolding in my brain. And on the days it needs maintenance, as everything does, I will listen and understand that this old pathway will wash away completely with time.  I knew that this program would change me, but change is not the same as never again being the same.

And I am so ready to open the space and be in service to others in a way that is really new for our times. These methods are akin to motivational interviewing with belief in the individual at the forefront. Everyone is so different and amazing.  So, please join me in love, in seeing the eb and flow. I believe that we’re all on a learning journey. If you’re feeling the dream and seek to empower your process, I provide a judgement-free zone filled with listening and guidance. We’ll listen to your inner voice and intuition so that you arrive where you want to be. And when you want something new, I will believe in you and I will want that something for you, too. I will be your guide to the full discovery of your Land of Wellness.

In service,

Brandy Bell, CHC