For Diane—You’ll be felt

The water runs deep in love,
surrounding the tree of life
are the names of your son, daughters,
and granddaughters.
Their rhythm spreading,
connecting to you through the
earth and the heavens.
You become the stars,
you become everything—
rich layers of water on canvas,
the way the wind moves through the trees,
a bird calling the name of your soulmate, feet alight on a winter branch.
Their song, a message from your heart.

This life gave you talent
willingly a guide, a teacher.
Connected you with the paths
of the blue and orange pigments—
tracing the curves of lighthouses,
the curl of feathers and the pointed collars of suits,
tracing the seams of pajamas,
the surged sledges of flannel and
edges of paper discarded,
keepsakes left behind for those
who hold your heart.

Out of rock and colored glass,
the flowers you planted
will bloom.
Perennial memories creating life
with new seasons—
Laughter as brilliant as your dipped brush on the shell of a turtle,
the leaf of an aspen
or the wing of a bluebird.

The roads of land, air, and water will continue to bring you beauty.
Through open windows
and blowing curtains your words
found their way to those in need:
Mother. Lover. Friend. Advisor.
Your love flows from the great tree,
swings through books on a summer breeze,
conducts a harmony,
and shall ask the sun to grant each day with gifts of peace and new beginnings.