Meanwhile, here’s an exerpt near the end of the book! Yay!

James is watching his brother and wife have an argument. They can’t see him, sense him, nor hear him…

For a moment, he watched Alen. His brother was unable to see him since the day he promised to keep Jade’s secret. James did not know if that decision was the reason for this change. But James knew he was dead to Alen, for the second time. And as Victoria predicted, this second death was more painful than the first. The secrets behind the death were too much of a burden to keep. James did not deserve his brother’s love. He asked for too much.

Alen and Jade stood in the kitchen with their backs to each other when the boys walked in, rubbing their palms on their sleepy faces.

It was too late to say goodbye. But he knelt before them anyway, making an effort to kiss each on the head, sending all the love in his heart. Then he simply sat, cross legged on his travertine floor, imagining the cold of the hard stone that he could not feel. His shoulders hunched over a torso tightly wrapped by his own arms, his hands somehow still able to grasp his own ribs. James began to rock. An ant crawled through him, one tiny little ant that he wanted to crush so badly.

The Disconsolate by B Elizabeth Bell