Pour out a glass of wine with me and bring the box of tissue over, I want to go back in time with you, I want to go over book collections and hear that letter read out loud one more time!

B Elizabeth Bell lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband Jeffrey, their cats Artemis and Tansy and spirit cat, Basil.

Her first novel naturally combines her lifelong fascination with ghosts and love for the epistolary. Religion and spirituality captivates her: the rituals, the communities, the questions.

B loves cooking, eating, playing Dungeons & Dragons, and collecting rocks from any location, but especially the Oregon Coast or the mountains and deserts of Arizona. She shares a weekly writing practice with her generative group, the Fly-by-Nights, is a short-story contributor to the Truck Wine anthology, and has written online at Cat Over Clock.
At the same time, I am plagued by human suffering and it often holds my heart in suspension. If you feel that lump in your throat rising up when someone mentions war or cruelty, I invite you to have hope with me.
Have hope. Poetry saves the world.


In kindness,

B Elizabeth Bell