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Under the sunshine or in the fog: I am a lover, a writer, an editor, a cook, a humanitarian and a photographer.


I have an hour before I launch— before the air becomes stiff and tight around me, and I forget how to move and breathe. In this place, I like to say that I am ready to understand myself and the... Continue Reading →


Does the sun feel scared— Looking out over earth and all she cares for? Does she fear the loss of one of her most beautiful children? The Earth, one of her closest? A beautiful ball of water and fire, circling... Continue Reading →


I am a star on which gravity loses hold. The stars of the army show off a gravitational pull—-swirling, unstoppable. The Devil leads me fifteen miles along the Stream of Decades.We watch the passing of five swans and five snakes—-... Continue Reading →


Tomorrow as we will celebrate friendship and writing, we've been asked by our departing friend to pull lines from our writing. Here's a few from two summers ago and this year: Wine glasses are filled and the anchor that I’m... Continue Reading →

Perennial Memories

For Diane—You’ll be felt The water runs deep in love, surrounding the tree of life are the names of your son, daughters, and granddaughters. Their rhythm spreading, connecting to you through the earth and the heavens. You become the stars,... Continue Reading →


Temporary, an idle moment where stars can’t catch our location I’m outrun, the land keeps stretching before me my footsteps never know the distance. Kneel with me at the sea, let me know how the wind feels as we pay... Continue Reading →

Narrative Medicine and the Wild Woman Archetype

It is anchoring me to the book that's inside of me, yearning to spill onto a page, and it is sparking in me this desire to share the importance of narrative medicine.

Rib to Rib

In the face of chaos Spring shows herself to me. Beyond measure of my body The length from toe to head, width of rib to to rib I’m just with myself. But I can be with everything else, stuck in... Continue Reading →

Vernal Equinox and the Worm Moon

I am the one who glows asks wildness of humanity controls the tides asks for nothing is worshiped and followed knows her path and purpose keeps time with the ocean bends on knees to no one loves and guide others... Continue Reading →

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