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Poetry Saves the World


Emily Dickinson

Depression and Anxiety Lense

Hello there fellow poem readers,  So, it's like I got out my kaleidoscope tonight and can see the world differently after reading three articles. The first one is honestly hard to stomach, I got a bit defensive but there are... Continue Reading →

Making Maps with Bees

The underworld has pipped up evil. I smell it in the flowers. Some nights, the scent fills the bedroom. Filing down the edges of gentle dreams where honey bees miss their next turn, where their paths flood with unknown signals.... Continue Reading →

A Poem by Dorianne Laux

I have loved Dorianne Laux as I do Emily Dickinson. Dear Emily, I have memorized this poem written by Dorianne Laux that reminds me of you. OPP is around the corner and I am excited to recite this. I will... Continue Reading →

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