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Dear Pacific,

Alone in the shower I wash the foam of you dried ocean foam from my hips. This water cannot clean like the ocean cannot strip me bare like the ocean. Yesterday with you-- I was the flower in a clam,... Continue Reading →

White on Night 

Dear Great Blue Judge,

The rush of the future stops for a long moment, I grasp the horns tighter than known strength. It's far off now, (the future) but I wait for judgement-- and judgement has a full morning. The bank is empty because... Continue Reading →

Dear Fog,

     I can see through the laden air it carries the sound of fog swallowing all the footsteps you left behind you as you turned your back and made a ceremony of leaving In the moment screams came to my... Continue Reading →

Kissed by the Willamette River Sirens (Assisted by the Dead of Night)

The Siren, by John William Waterhouse (c. 1900) Public domain    "I have learned to ignore at my/ peril what my sixth sense speaks." Vargus Pike "Go with your gut--" he says, rolling the tip of my finger across the... Continue Reading →

Breath of Fresh Air

Calloused hands slide over the parts that you cherish.  You can't put a value on quality. Milling about under fine stars I thought about you as I researched my antique table. I ached for some idea of what you knew.... Continue Reading →


On the streetcar with the house- covered hills passing by, the woman whose world just flooded overnight grins at me. "God must have really liked it," she says. "There is so much of it." "Of what?" To my inquiry she... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginnings

Portland Library from 11th Ave. The beginning of knowledge, of inspiration...awe

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