Cat Over Clock

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White on Night 

1001 Journal: submissions open

Hello, friends!  In September of 2015, I began the Certificate Program at the Independent Publishing Resource Center in Portland, Oregon. This place is amazing and I love our instructors and all the energy of this awesome creative environment. I am... Continue Reading →

Grass Full of Birds

I saw you pick worms out of the lawn, sing and watch for cats, red robin. more on this later

Plug phys.eee.ol.Oh.gee

Sound breaks into me knows I stretch my mouth wider.  Yawns taste clapping hands.   

Aurora, Oregon

The fiddle notes float outside I watch the geese fly by with the plane A calm and sweet night


Through the lit window Shining eyes over pages Moss thick trees mourn her

Dear Jupiter

"Beginnings" said the Earth, Casually rolling on her side, holding invisible hand "Jupiter, why yes, bigger and brighter and whiter tonight." A musician looked up to the stars, smiled "Beginnings" said the Earth, tilting upwards, sending her waters forward "An... Continue Reading →

When you’re not paying attention

Trying to get nails Out of my black rubber shoe Glimpsed a hawk's tail And the mouse he'd caught fell Ran off toward the sunset

October Thirty-First

Shade over the sea Coming to your hidden face We see only stars

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