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Poetry Saves the World


October poetry session


"Apples don't have hearts." In the hours, early hours, you brought this gift to me. My fingers inspected every inch of its red skin, the variegation, the squeak of moisture. Finally, the worm path. "This one has five." said I,... Continue Reading →

Why don’t we take the train

We can follow the tracks north, as we cross the plains at 2 am, we'll see lightening for so many miles it will remind us of daylight. But we will keep going. "It's ludicrous," you'll say as you look into... Continue Reading →

The Appy

The world flies by as a cold memory finds me. Very sharp the knife in my abdomen-- perfect cuts-- the blade shouldn't miss. Cold memory's held in the body while the mind slept. While I drifted there were whispers of... Continue Reading →

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