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Poetry Saves the World


poetry revisited


Wait, what's more for poetry? I called forth a haunt It was June and air stuck to my legs in ways-- liberating, vexing. Escape wasn't the answer, the beige walls stretched for miles. There are pathways in here that were... Continue Reading →

The Hazel Bush

Friday The changing of clothes To prepare for anything The world can throw at you. Remembering the way she fell Out if her dress and into the stars Just like that she grabbed onto Orion's Belt and rode that pan-dimensional... Continue Reading →

October sixteenth

Would it ever hurt to leavethose moments of staring into the mountains?The light tower on Mount Elden— I cry for it, not knowing what will becomeof the heart lost within boulders, greyagainst  the sky and the far off sea. Seven points make... Continue Reading →

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