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It was a toss-up, i saw you walking down the side-walk frantic about your hair and everything that made you look pale that day. but you didn't realize that in any color, you would be beautiful. I thought about holding... Continue Reading →


I dug after your life with my longing and cold grasp on the facts. Webs circled and crossed my head I couldn't see them I just saw you, trying to clear the gap with all science and nature afforded you.... Continue Reading →

Rush Out

Needles take you into deep sleep. My Ambien of the Orient. Sweetness and dreams where I surrender, understand and calculate my present on mermaid scales. Finally, a scale on my terms. I want to stay on the table and heal--... Continue Reading →


I walked along the boardwalk and I wondered if it had been the exact day that I arrived, one year earlier, on that very spot. I had never been back. My heart was sad, but it was carried by my... Continue Reading →

Letter to a Young Transperson

Warning: tears. This is an amazing letter, sharing it with my friends and readers is one of the most important things I will do on my blog, probably ever. Thank you, “Is it Level.”

Is it Level?

transphotoDear Me in Past Tense,

There you are, kneeling by the cardboard Barbie house dad made between jobs. You there, picking up the washrag upholstered furniture, aspiring to the talent to make a miniature couch out of packing foam, there are a few things I should tell you.

The first one you already know. That girl sitting next to you pulling the homemade plaid pants off of Barbie in favor of the cowboy dress is not only your sister, but your absolute best friend. You will be tempted to think you are in danger of losing her, but you shouldn’t. She is permanent.

The rest isn’t so clear.  It won’t ever be.  It doesn’t have to be.

You will feel like you are playing by a set of rules no one explained to you – sort of like kindergarten, when you couldn’t make the right handed scissors cut paper. You will correct yourself…

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Rhododendron Parts

Rhododendrons fit into my uterus,they are whale sizeso stretching and misshapen ovariespush out like peninsulas.They feel full,they’re like knucklesand I can’t wait for the smell of popcornto fill the house—after this countdown,tick-tock digital clockof microwave oven andthe soft butter over all.  I... Continue Reading →


"I have a whole room where your paintings hang,I have a whole heart where you can plant your garden and it will grow, oh...." Lost in the TreesNew houseIt will leave us with our Necks crookedUnder the eves.I want to hold your... Continue Reading →


Hands are tiny.They dart in the lights,smokey with drum beatsand smiles.Hands are tiny.They find their way to the sunthrough burning ashesand the spoils of summer.Hands are tiny.Hers rests on the shoulder of considered happiness that doesn't rememberthe lyrics.Can't sing along.Hands are tiny.Yours... Continue Reading →

Inside out

There is a woman in me that Wants the clock stopped The hands click The bird's beak against the led window Distracts from searching A new home awaits Under all these categories Ranches, bungalows A place to store her uterus... Continue Reading →

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