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Never Die for the Man


Live for love,

Live for the song of the red, glass heart.

Live for the earth and for pain,

Live. Live for the wonder of yourself.

And never, ever die

for the man.

Star Dust

For James:

What draws out the chaos other than dreams

Dreams of lips with me

Covering me

Devouring me

I can’t breathe

An echo brings me back in time

A thousand letters that can’t mark the cold in my heart

Years pass and there’s only this memory of your kiss.

Where a vacuum existed and the whole of the earth drowned in star dust

The only thing that can destroy a planet

Besides us.



Two Pigeon Poles

Who holds your feet?
The changeable metal pulled from the weary earth?
I spy her trying to make a column out of schist
And I miss the way
I once saw a corner of her lie still, uninterrupted.
These holes.
The deeper we dig
The greater forces we wake.

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